After Life Services

Deciding whether to end the life of your beloved pet is not an easy decision to make. Our staff will review and discuss the available treatment options, the costs and prognosis. For additional information on this subject visit:

Pet Loss: The Bereavement Process
The relationships we have with our pets are unlike any others in our lives.  Our pets are precious companions who give us an unconditional love. If you have shared such a deep bond with a pet, it’s only natural to feel strong emotions of grief upon the death of your beloved friend. Grief is a very healthy psychological response that requires expression and acknowledgement. Attempts to suppress feelings of grief can sometimes actually prolong the healing process.

If you need help coping with the loss of your pet, please ask the front desk or your pet’s doctor for advice and resources, we are more than willing to assist you during this difficult time.

Pet Loss Resources
Provided below is a list of bereavement counselors and websites that may be of help:

  • Pet Loss Support Page
    Listings of hotlines, groups and counselors by state.
  • Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement
    Site includes chat rooms, website links and memorial pages. Hotline, counselor and group information for US and Ontario. Information for equine and resources for children.
  • Forever Pets
    Specialized and custom urns, paw prints and plaques. List of books and website links including lost and missing, online memorials, pet portraits, counselors, rescues and shelters, books, articles, sympathy cards and support groups and hotlines.
  • Our Pals
    Resource for grief support including poems, stories, preparing for pet loss and what to expect. Website links with brief outline for each. Memorialization merchandise available.
  • Lightning Strike Pet-Loss Support Page
    The name comes from the hope that the page will provide lightning-fast help for the griever. Featuring pet loss blogs, pet loss book listings and support from people who have experienced pet loss.
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