Consultations with a cardiologist are available 7 days a week; with an internist, 6 days a week, Monday – Saturday and with, a surgeon or oncologist, 4 days per week, Monday – Thursday. Our acupuncturist, who also provides chiropractic, is available Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. If you are unsure about whether or not a consultation is warranted and/or you wish to discuss the case with one of our specialists, please call the office for a phone consultation. A short phone consultation can be helpful and there is no charge for this service. However, should the specialists be required to prepare a written report, a consultation fee will be charged.

For more difficult or complex cases, we recommend the client seek a consultation with a specialist. The consultation will allow the specialist to speak directly to the client, obtain a medical history, conduct a physical examination of the patient and determine if additional diagnostic tests are recommended. Our staff will prepare a written estimate of the costs involved, discuss the costs with the client and obtain their permission to proceed with any additional tests.

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